Archives AVIESAN-IFB 2016 - v5

Introduction sur le séquençage: technologies disponibles, types de librairies, applications

By Thierry Grange

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Les instances Galaxy pour les tutorats et cours

By Christophe Caron

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Galaxy 0: Cloud IFB présentation et lancement de l'instance

By Sandrine Perrin

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Galaxy I: Initation à Galaxy

By Maria Bernard

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Méthodes d'alignement

By Matthias Zytnicki

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Third generation sequencing : the revolution of long reads

By Claude Thermes
Introduction on sequencing: available technologies, library types, applications ...

Galaxy: Initiation II

By Gildas Le Corguillé

Galaxy II: common tools, quality control; alignment; data managment

Galaxy III: Visualization

By Elodie Girard

Visualization of Next Generation Sequencing Data using the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV)

Atelier Détection de Variants

By Nicolas Lapalu

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Chip-seq Analysis

By Stéphanie Legras

Quality, normalisation and peak calling

Variants: alignment and pre-treatment; GATK

By Elodie Girard

DNA-seq Bioinformatics Analysis: from raw sequences to processed alignments

Variants: alignment and pre-treatment; GATK

By Elodie Girard

Variant calling practical session

Variant Filtering

By N.Lapalu
Some use cases :
- Extract a subset of variants (localization, type)
- Combine variants from several analyses
- Compare obtained variants from several data types (RNA


RNA-seq: Differential gene expression analysis

By Rachel Legendre
Transcriptome analysis provides information about the identity and quantity of all RNA molecules

Differential gene expression analysis : Practical part

By Rachel Legendre

RNA-seq: Differential gene expression analysis practical session

Ligne de commande

By Denis Puthier

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Differential analysis of RNA-Seq data

By Rachel Legendre

Design, describe, explore and model

Variant annotation

By Viven Deshaies
Add meta-information on variant to facilitate interpretation

DNA - seq Bioinformatics Analysis

By Elodie Girard

Detection of Copy Number Variations

Isoform discovery and quanti cation from RNA-Seq data

By Claire Toffano-Nioche

Not available

RADSeq Data Analysis

By Yvan Le Bras

Introduction to RADSeq through STACKS on Galaxy


By Denis Puthier
Opening an x2go session to the IFBcloud

Transcriptome de novo assembly

By Erwan Corre

Not available

RNA - Seq de novo

By Xi Liu

Practical session on transciptome de novo assembly

Statistics with RStudio

By Jaces Van Helden

Introduction to statistics with R

Eukaryotic small RNA

By Matthias Zytnicki

Small RNAseq data analysis for miRNA identification

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