Titre du projet: 
BioMAJ v3: a data infrastructure tool
COLLIN Olivier
Mots clefs: 
data management
data annotation
public data banks
BioMAJ is an open source tool for the management of the biological databanks on core bioinformatics facility. It is commonly used on many bioinformatics facilities including for example the IFB-core cloud infrastructure to provide all users with the main public biological data collections directly available in their virtual machines. Since the original publication of this tool in 2008, the GenOuest bioinformatics core facility has supported developments for various improvements notably in terms of interface, leading to a new version produced in 2011 and presently used.

It is necessary to start a new phase of development to 1) improve the code and make it more maintainable; 2) adapt the tool to the new needs of biology. For example, with the arrival of new sequencing technologies, the production of data is more massive and the phases of analysis, including metagenomics, could benefit from more precise management of the data retrieved by BioMAJ.

Capitalizing on previous work carried out by GenOuest on the indexing of data banks, as well as on the ongoing work on the storage of metadata of banks within a graph-oriented database, we propose extra functionalities that allow the user to build its own banks to optimize the processing time for its calculations.

The new BioMAJ version will represent a tool able to create a custom data infrastructure. We wish therefore to carry out this project, to recruit a computer developer for 24 months.