Titre du projet: 
The Galaxy m ississippi tool suite for small RNA biology
Mots clefs: 
Small RNAs
Virus Metagenomics
Tool Sheds
Our objective is to provide support to biologists from the IBPS and beyond for their computational biology analyses, and to develop accessible tools for reproducible and transparent analyses in our fields of expertise. A major milestone in our road map for the incoming 2 years is the release of a set of Galaxy-compliant tools and workflows to study miRNAs, siRNAs and piRNAs of animals and viruses.

Seven tools are already available in Galaxy toolsheds. This m ississippi tool suite allows to analyze small RNA sequencing datasets in order to annotate, align and visualize small RNAs and their meta-properties.

In addition to upgrading existing tools through a continuous development process, we propose here to extend the Galaxy mississippi tool suite with tools and workflows to provide further support to small RNA biology. Thus, we will develop and release tools and workflows to (i) analyse small RNA phasing and editing (ii) profile miRNAs and their differential expression (iii) discover new miRNAs from sequencing datasets (iv) and diagnose/discover viruses through metagenomic analyses of viral siRNAs.

Our service deployment plan includes the release of high-quality tools and workflows in Galaxy tool sheds, in Galaxy server instances at the IBPS bioinformatics platform as well as in docker-containers as an additional option for accessibility and reproducibility. In addition, we wish to benefit from the IFB cloud infrastructure to deploy and provide access to our small RNA-oriented Galaxy server instances.

Our project will benefit to both the small RNA and Galaxy communities.