Titre du projet: 
Design and implementation of a user-oriented web-based platform for MS-based proteomics data exploration
Mots clefs: 
Computational workflow
Mass spectrometry
Collaborative Research Environment
The complex, rapidly-evolving field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis calls for collaborative infrastructures where the large volume of algorithms for proteomics data and annotation can be readily integrated whatever the language, evaluated on reference datasets, and chained to build ad hoc workflows for users. Currently the exploitation of data delivered by proteomics platforms are still restricted owing to limited dedicated in-house bioinformatics capabilities. The aim of this project is to provide the life science community with a collaborative research online platform that would enable end-users to further explore their proteomics data by sharing workflows and experiments. This proteomics research environment (ProteoRE) will be built upon the Galaxy framework, a software platform that gives experimentalists simple interfaces to powerful tools, while automatically managing the computational details. It enables ergonomic integration, exchange, and running of individual modules and workflows. Three modules for proteomics data downstream analysis are foreseen: i. proteomics data control quality, ii. differential expression analysis and iii. proteomics data annotation. In addition ProteoRE will allow users to select one or more tools or resources to annotate data, and by automatically tracking the provenance of data and tool usage and enabling users to selectively run (and rerun) particular analyses. The development of this research environment may involve corrective or evolutionary maintenance or testing and a helpdesk will be set up. Finally, a thematic school and tutorials will be considered for end-users training purposes.