Titre du projet: 
The Technological Transfer from TAGC to TGML
VAN HELDEN Jacques, BRUN Christine
Mots clefs: 
Network Biology
Genome regulation
Metabolic networks
Epigenetic regulation
As systems level approaches and functional genomics methods are becoming mainstream to tackle most of the biological questions, the needs for a know-how in integrative analysis of high-throughput data is getting prominent. For this reason, bioinformaticians have nowadays a pivotal role in an increasing number of research projects. However, except for a minority of systems biology oriented labs (like the TAGC), which benefit of internal expertise in computational biology, most biological labs express a crucial need for bioinformatics services going beyond the routine analysis of raw data, to embrace a systems-level interpretation. This involves, among others, the identification of relevant tools among the variety of existing possibilities, tuning the parameters according to the particularities of the research project, designing custom workflows to address the domain-specific questions, integrating various data types revealing complementary aspects of the systems, synthesizing the multitude of result files in human-interpretable reports.

Here, we propose to convert the TAGC internal expertise in bioinformatics analyses into a service proposed to customers, coupled to our already existing TGML Next Generation Sequencing facility. The T5 project therefore consists in (1) gather and install all the in-house developed tools on an integrative server, (2) generalize programmatic access to all tools (3) develop ready-to-use “backbone pipelines” for the analysis of datasets that can be tailored to the project specificities.