Titre du projet: 
Advanced Workflow4Metabolomics: Innovative functionalities to become a reference VRE for computational metabolomics in Europe
CARON Christophe
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computational metabolomics
Virtual Research Environment
Interactive visualization
Facing the emergence of new technologies in the field of metabolomics, software

solutions adopted so far (UNIX, R packages, etc.) clearly show their limits. Bottlenecks affect unified access to core applications as well as computing infrastructure and storage. In the context of a collaboration between the two national infrastructures in metabolomics and bioinformatics, we have developed a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) based on Galaxy framework for data analysis: workflow4metabolomics.org (W4M). This modular and extensible VRE includes existing components (XCMS functions, etc.) but also a whole suite of complementary statistical and annotation tools. This implementation is accessible through a web interface, which guarantees the parameters completeness. The advanced features of Galaxy have made possible the integration of components from different environments and of different languages. Finally, an extensible environment is offered to the metabolomics community, and enables preconfigured workflows sharing for new users, but also experts in the field. The aim of this proposal is to build new functionalities which take into account user interactivity experience (e.g. visualization) and to extend system interoperability with external data resources (e.g. reference database, external repository, web site...). These developments will therefore address the requirements of the experimental community and position W4M as the key resource for open-source computational metabolomics in Europe.