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The RDF Knowledge-based Database for plant molecular networks.

Fouille de texte Ontologies Web sémantique Extraction de connaissances Intégration de données hétérogènes Représentation des connaissances


GPL-3.0 Mature

ANISEED is the main model organism database for the worldwide community of scientists working on tunicates (sister-group of vertebrates). It integrates for each species: i) a main knowledge base with extended functional, gene expression, phenotyping, anatomical and phylogenetic information; ii) A multispecies genomic browser; iii) a Genomicus gene synteny browser.



Tool designed to gather the functional annotation of genes from several institutional databases for a specific chromosomal region.


An aphid genome database.

Analyse de données de séquençage NGS Génomique comparative Annotation de séquences

Arabidopsis chloroplast database (AT_CHLORO)

Curation de collections de données Protéomique


MIT Mature

A software for automated NOE assignment and NMR structure calculation.


AGPL-3.0 Mature

AskOmics is a visual SPARQL query interface supporting both intuitive data integration and querying while shielding the user from most of the technical difficulties underlying RDF and SPARQL

Analyse de données de séquençage NGS Ontologies Web sémantique Intégration de données hétérogènes Représentation des connaissances


Design your RNA 2D structure interactively and to create and assemble the corresponding RNA 3D modules directly in UCSF Chimera.


GPL-3.0 Mature

A unified workspace built around a Python package PADMet (Python library for hAndling metaData of METabolism), to house the reconstruction of genome-scale metabolic models.

Modélisation des réseaux métaboliques Biologie des systèmes Analyse des réseaux métaboliques Intégration de données hétérogènes


Integrated web server for multi-species comparative genomic analysis. It is designed for constructing and visualizing synteny maps between two or three species, determination and display of macrosynteny and microsynteny relationships among species, and for highlighting evolutionary breakpoints.

Prédiction d'homologie/orthologie Génomique comparative Analyse de séquences Comparaison des génomes

Bacterial Genotyping

Annotation de séquences Recherche de motifs Bases de données et systèmes d’informations Comparaison des génomes


Prédiction d'homologie/orthologie Bioinformatique structurale Analyse de séquences Annotation de séquences Prédictions des propriétés structurales


Curation de collections de données

Banana Genome Hub

GPL-2.0 Mature

A Next-Generation Information System for Musa genomics

Analyse de séquences Génomique (DNA-seq) Intégration d'outils Bases de données et systèmes d’informations Comparaison des génomes Interfaces, portails web


AGPL-3.0 Mature

BioMAJ is a workflow engine dedicated to data synchronization and processing. The Software automates the update cycle and the supervision of the locally mirrored databank repository.

Données Gestion et transfert de données


This software is well suited for distances estimated from DNA or protein sequences. It has better topological accuracy than NJ in all evolutionary conditions; its superiority becomes important when the substitution rates are high and varying among lineages.

Gènes et génomes Evolution et phylogénie Evolution moléculaire

BISE Bioimage Informatics Search Engine

Other Emerging

BIII Bio Image informatics Index ( also called BISE is a knowledge database of software tools, image databases for benchmarking and training materials for bio image analysis. Software tools are organized as full protocol of analysis (workflow), specific brick (component) to construct a workflow, or software platform or library (collection). They are described using Edam Bio Imaging, which is iteratively defined using this website. All entries are exposed following FAIR principles and accessible for other usage with (ODC-By) v1.0 license.


Développements technologiques de l‘Information et de la Communication Outils Intégration d'outils Environnements de calcul Données Bases de données et systèmes d’informations Intégration de données Gestion et transfert de données Interfaces, portails web Parallélisation Cluster


Bacterial protein tYrosine Kinase database (BYKdb). Bacterial tyrosine-kinases share no resemblance with their eukaryotic counterparts and they have been unified in a new protein family named BY-kinases. However, BY-kinase sequence annotations in primary databases remain incomplete. This prompted us to develop a specialized database of computer-annotated BY-kinase sequences.

Développements technologiques de l‘Information et de la Communication Données Bases de données et systèmes d’informations Intégration de données Gestion et transfert de données Parallélisation Cluster


Server which predicts conserved secondary structure elements of homologous RNAs. The input of a set of RNA sequences are not required to be previously aligned.

Analyse de séquences

IFB - Institut Français de Bioinformatique ♦ CNRS UMS 3601 ♦ IFB-Core, Génoscope - 2 rue Gaston Crémieux, 91057 - ÉVRY – CEDEX ANR-11-INBS-0013236
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