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2 000 cores
CPU/hours a year
1 000 000 H / an
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1 656
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  • 3 web servers
  • 3 database servers
  • 60 computation servers

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7 384 an
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Serveur Galaxy dédié aux analyses de ChIP-seq

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Serveur Galaxy général

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Domains of activity
  • Biomedical
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
Description of expertise domains

The expertise of the platform is versatile on many aspects of high-throughput data management, processing, integration and statistical and functional analysis in biology and in clinics.
Many data types are treated:

  • Microarrays: expression, copy number, SNP, ChIP
  • NanoString
  • NGS: Exome-seq, targeted-seq, WGS, RNA-seq, smallRNA-seq, 5C, HiC, ChIP-seq …
  • RPPA,
  • Mass spectometry, classical and SILAC, SWATH
  • low-throughput biological data.

The expertise covers fundamental, translational and clinical research, including clinical trials.
In all these domain, the platform also develop appropriate methods, implement tools and automatic pipelines, and package and release them publicly or grant on-line access to the community.
Software optimisation for high-performance computing is also part of our know-how.
Finally the platform has developed an experience in training biologists, clinicians and bioinformaticians in all above-mentionned fields

  • NGS data analysis
  • Biostatistics
  • Information and communication technology developments
  • Genomics: Chips

Formation professionnelle

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25 trainees / year
Training time:
Not documented
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R Biostats Network


The program provides an introduction to biostatistical approaches. The principles, methodologies, uses, and applications of statistical methods in biological and clinical research will be presented. Practical trainings on computer with the R software are planned. The bases of the R programming language will be introduced and statistical approaches presented in the theoretical session will be applied.

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12 trainees / year
Training time:
Not documented
No upcoming session scheduled

Introduction to data analysis with R


The program includes an introduction:

  • Approaches in biostatistics and research, explaining to participants the principles, methodologies, use of statistical methods and applications in biology and clinical research.
  • Courses on software R will be delivered in the form of additional exercises. The basis of the programming language R will be discussed and statistical approaches presented in the theoretical part will be implemented.
  • Application of skills acquired over a personal dataset
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15 trainees / year
Training time:
Not documented
No upcoming session scheduled

Partek Workshop


Introduction to Partek® software and the principles of RNA-seq data analysis DNA-Seq analysis and annotations with Partek® Genomics Suite® Hands on analysis in Partek® Flow® including: Data import and sample annotation, Pre and post alignment quality control, Gene and transcript quantification, Detection of differential expression using powerful gene specific modeling

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30 trainees / year
Training time:
Not documented
No upcoming session scheduled

Ingenuiy Pathways Analysis Workshop


The User Group Meeting will consist of talks, customer case studies and interactive feedback sessions where new and existing users of QIAGEN’s Ingenuity products can learn about product updates, usability tips & tricks and best practices. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with other users from the scientific community.

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10 trainees / year
Training time:
Not documented
No upcoming session scheduled

InSilicoDb Analysis Training


Interrogating public and private gene expression datasets for bio-medical researchers. This workshop will you  teach about two subjects: 1- Genomics data management for the lab (efficiently store and make accessible microarray and NGS data), 2- Interrogation of your expression data and comparison and combination of your data with public data.

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Formation universitaire

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300 trainees / year
Training time:
Not documented
No upcoming session scheduled

DU "séquençage haut débit et maladies génétiques"


Acquérir une formation en séquençage nouvelle génération appliqué aux maladies génétiques mendéliennes,des technologies de séquençage et approches expérimentales possibles aux outils bio-informatiques utilisés pour le traitement des données brutes, l'identification de variations génétiques et l'interprétation des résultats. Se familiariser avec le système Unix/Linux, la ligne de commande et la gestion et l'analyse de données sur un serveur à distance. Connaître et savoir utiliser les principaux logiciels dédiés à l'analyse de données de séquençage nouvelle génération, de l'alignement des séquences brutes à l'annotation de variations génétiques. Maîtriser les principaux navigateurs, bases de données et outils de prédiction couramment utilisés en génétique humaine et médicale. Connaître les différentes applications possibles du séquençage nouvelle génération pour le diagnostic de maladies génétiques, les principales règles à suivre et paramètres à considérer pour assurer la qualité des données produites dans un contexte de laboratoire médical, et les considérations éthiques que soulève le séquençage nouvelle génération pour l'interprétation et le rendu des résultats.

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Users distribution
15 %
10 %
75 %
Explanation about this distribution:
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Platform's own projects

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National projets
  • France Génomique, 2012-2016
  • Investissement dAvenir, ABS4NGS (Solutions Algorithmiques, Bioinformatiques et Logicielles pour le Séquençage Haut Débit), 2012-2016
  • + projects funded by INSERM, InCA, FRM …
International and European projects


Projects with industry

Servier, SANOFI, Roche

Collaboration projects not founded through an external organism
Not documented
Provision of services not founded through an external organism
Not documented
Animations (Workshops, Work-groups, seminars, conferences ... )
Coordination WP NGS variants France Génomique
Coordination Groupe de Travail Galaxy IFB:
  • Organisation des Galaxy days 2013 et 2014
  • Organisation des écoles G4B (Galaxy for bioinformatics) 2013 et 2014

Participation au Groupe de Travail VRE IFB

Internal publications

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Randomised proof-of-concept phase II trial comparing targeted therapy based on tumour molecular profiling vs conventional therapy in patients with refractory cancer: results of the feasibility part of the SHIVA trial.
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