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Starting date: 
10 mois
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rudy gozland
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the Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution
Job description: 

Context and Location

We are looking for a proactive Research Fellow (PhD) with strong expertise in Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics analyses. The person selected will work at the Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution in Montpellier (France) under a collegial supervision (http://www.isem.univ-montp2.fr/fr/#equipes).


Projects and Tasks

Considering the position is (in the first instance) for a short period, the post-doctoral researcher recruited will work on four different on-going projects, to which he/she will be associated to any arising publication:

  1. Identification of Mycobacterium ulcerans strains variability from the aquatic environment / Dr. Marine Combe (IRD), Prof. Rodolphe Gozlan

(https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Marine_Combe https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rodolphe_Gozlan)

The ANR PRIME project aims at identifying the genetic diversity of strains of the aquatic pathogen M. ulcerans, responsible for causing an infectious disease in humans. The objective will be to analyze NGS data (Illumina, GridIon, or other) in order to identify variants (SNPs calling) of this bacterium.

  1. Role of viral haplotypes in viral fitness (Haplofit Project) / Dr. Jean-Christophe Avarre


This project will focus on the de novo assembly and/or mapping of herpesvirus genomes, reconstruction of haplotypes and identification of variants (SNPs calling). If possible, biodiversity analyses from metabarcoding data and screening for rare genotypes will also be carried out.

  1. Lengguru Project / Dr. Laurent Pouyaud

(https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Laurent_Pouyaud )

This project aims at analyzing COI and 12S barcoding data from fish species in order to further perform phylogeographic studies, analysis of haplotypes diversity and haplotypes networks.

  1. De novo sequencing of Sphaerothecum destruens’s genome and identification of strains/ Dr. Marine Combe (IRD), Prof. Rodolphe Gozlan (IRD)

This project aims at sequencing de novo the genome of this fish pathogen but also at identifying variants (ITS region) amplified from fish tissues.


Scientific skills: Bioinformatics, statistics, de novo sequencing, phylogenetic analysis

General skills: Applicants should be curious and passionate about their research. The post-holder will be expected to work effectively in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary research environment. Strong written and oral communication skills are essential along with good presentation skills.


Duration of the contract: The post is funded until 31 August 2020 in the first instance.

The contract has to start as soon as possible. Non-French candidates are welcome.

To apply contact: rudy.gozlan@ird.fr, marine.combe@ird.fr, jean-christophe.avarre@ird.fr, laurent.pouyaud@ird.fr