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Hub IFB-core

      What is IFB-core?

      IFB-core’s main mission is to support the IFB in a technical and administrative capacity. It is the interface between the bioinformatics and the life science communities users of the services provided by the IFB, and the representatives of the main French research institutes. 

      L'IFB-core is :

      • the UMS 3601 at the CNRS
      • the UMS 1385 at INRAe
      • the US 21 at Inserm

      The various missions of IFB-core consist of:

      • managing the ANR funding
      • fostering the IFB’s scientific policy and ensuring that its actions points are being implemented 
      • facilitating the coordination and structuration of the IFB platforms’ activities
      • promoting the pooling of expertise and other resources (storage and computing infrastructures, technological projects, pipelines, workflows, etc… and user training)
      • providing to the life science community an easily identifiable and unique entry point to the IFB’s resources
      • presenting the IFB’s activities as a unified view for the overseeing bodies

      Organizational chart

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