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Integrative Bioinformatics Thematic School


Integrative bioinformatics: main concepts, practical application and development of teaching materials



In order to federate skills in integrative bioinformatics within the community, the IFB proposes a new thematic school with a double objective:

  • enhancement of bioinformaticians theoretical and practical skills
  • development of shared educational material on this topic.

This school gathers a pedagogical team of 10 people and will be able to welcome 30 participants for its first edition.

The whole training will be based on the use of the computational resources and the pedagogical platform of the French Institute of Bioinformatics

Target audience

This training is open to the whole community but this first edition is primarily aimed at bioinformaticians from IFB member platforms and associated teams wishing to improve their skills on this subject and to contribute to the constitution of pedagogical material in order to prepare for future training sessions on this theme. 

Learning objectives

The training aims at:

  • introducing the basic concepts and the different types of approaches used in integrative bioinformatics
  • proposing a deepening and a practical implementation of one of these approaches on one or several datasets integrating different types of omics data
  • creating, improving and sharing educational resources (training materials, datasets, tutorials) on the theme of integrative bioinformatics.

At the end of this training the participants will have:

  • acquired a general knowledge base in integrative bioinformatics
  • implemented an integrative analysis from data preparation to critical analysis of the results on (a) proposed dataset(s)
  • contributed to the development of shared educational material on the subject. 


  • Basic knowledge of Unix/shell, R, Python
  • Autonomy in workstation management (installation of libraries and use of packaging environments like conda)

Teaching team

  • NSBD (Marseille) : Anaïs Baudot, Morgane Terezol 
  • Biomedical Genomics Group (Heidelberg) : Carl Herrmann
  • CIML (Marseille) : Delphine Potier
  • IRISA (Rennes) : Olivier Dameron 
  • Bird (Nantes) : Alban Gaignard, Samuel Chaffron
  • billile (Lille) : Jimmy Vandel
  • IFB : Hélène Chiapello, Olivier Sand, Lucie Khamvongsa-Charbonnier




Site CAES CNRS Villa Clythia in Fréjus 

Registration fees (accommodation and meals included):

  • academic staff: 770 € including tax
  • non-academic staff: 1540 € including tax


From January 16th 2pm (first lunch not included) to January 20th 2023 2pm (packed lunch included)

The school takes place over 5 days (Monday-Friday) with 8 half-days of training. Please note that the first half-day (Monday morning) and the last (Friday afternoon) are free to allow everyone to travel.

From 16-01-2023 to 20-01-2023 at CAES CNRS "Villa Clythia" in Fréjus
Application deadline: 12-10-2022
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