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Compute & Storage

    NNCR (National Network of Computing Resources)

    Services to the communities are provided by the NNCR, it includes all the equipment (IFB-core + regional platforms) contributing to the provision of services. The NNCR relies on a distributed infrastructure consisting of the IFB-core servers (Cloud in Lyon and Cluster in Orsay) and nine high-performance computing platforms located in different regions. This network is open to the French and international research communities, both public and private, in the field of life sciences. 

    Compared to data processing in other scientific fields, the special characteristics of biological data make them dependent on a very specific hardware architecture, software environment and data collections that are currently not available in national computing centres. To meet these challenges, the IFB has organized its services by decentralizing physical, logistical and human resources. 

    Such decentralization of resources offers at least four main advantages:  

    1. Service security in the event of a local failure
    2. The distribution of data transfer flows 
    3. The geographical proximity 
    4. The joint development of best practices and advanced technical expertise for the calculation, processing and storage of data

    The NNCR provides resources (computing, storage) as well as services (support, account opening, software and database installation, website and virtual machine hosting, software/database/ information system development and bio-data analysis). 

    In parallel to the Cloud solution, the IFB offers HPC (High Performance Computer) Cluster type solutions, i.e. two types of infrastructure for storage, data calculation, training support and learning. This modular environment helps developers ensure best practices in software development and deployment and helps users find, access and deploy these resources. The IFB is also one of the main contributors to the European ELIXIR tool registry,

    The Cloud, a service offering pre-configured software environments, for which the user is the  administrator, dedicated to specific bioinformatics analysis. 

    Clusters, offering a set of pre-installed tools directly usable on large volumes of processors and memory. 

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