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Major innovation axes

      Open Science

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      The OpenLink project aims to be a bridge between data management tools to apply FAIR principles. This project aims to create a web application that allows researchers to link their various work tools in order to adopt a transversal vision of their data for each project while facilitating the transfer of information from one tool to another.

      At the same time, the development of a project monitoring methodology will aim to support research teams to show them the benefits of developing a data management plan at the start of a project, raise their awareness of the costs of managing data storage and train them in FAIR principles. This project will allow a simple and concrete adoption of FAIR principles by limiting the impact on data management time for research teams. Indeed, OpenLink will facilitate the circulation of all types of data and metadata from one tool to another while allowing researchers to keep a clear view of their location and publication status. It is intended to address the main technical or organizational issues that currently stand in the way of adopting the FAIR principles. All the developments and results of this project will be made available to the entire scientific community on a collaborative platform under an open license.

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