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IFB Governing Council

      The IFB is a Mixed Service Unit, under the supervision of four national research bodies:  

      • CNRS National Centre for Scientific Research
        represented by the Director of the INSB, or their representative, and Chairman of the Strategic Orientation Committee
      • CEA Committee on Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy
        represented by the Director of Life Sciences or their  representative
      • Inserm National Institute of Health and Medical Research
        represented by the Chief Executive Officer of Inserm or their  representative
      • INRAe National Institute for Research on Agriculture, Food and Environment
        represented by the President of INRAe or their  representative

      The IFB Governing Council is a subordinate of the IBISA Executive Board, restricted to our four supervisory bodies (INRIA left the consortium agreement in February 2021). This structure has no direct link with the PIA (Investments for the Future Programme), and is maintained as a major governing structure. However, the  Council can be expanded to reflect the evolution of our partner institutions. It is important to note that 24 of our platforms are affiliated to universities, of which 7 have a university as their majority affiliation. 


      The IFB Governing Council is made up of one individual representative from each of the beneficiary institutions. The IFB Governing Council is chaired by the representative of the coordinating institution.

      If associated institutions are invited to the meetings of the  IFB Governing Council, they do not have any voting rights. Each representative may be assisted by any person of his or her choice. In this case, the representative must inform the  IFB Governing Council in writing to the attention of the Scientific Coordinator. It is understood in advance that those assisting the representative will have no voting rights.

      The list of members is as follows (two representatives for the CNRS, one vote).

      • Bruno LUCAS, representing of CNRS/INSB
      • Stéphane AYMERICH, representing of l’INRAE
      • Laure Sabatier, representing of CEA
      • Franck LE THIMONNIER and Valérie THIBAUDEAU, representing of de l’Inserm
      • Anne Siégel, representing of CNRS/INS2, as guest


      The  IFB Governing Council is the decision-making and arbitration body for the infrastructure. The  IFB Governing Council is regularly informed of the decisions taken by the Steering Committee, which is responsible for the operational management of the infrastructure and reports to the  IFB Governing Council.

      The  IFB Governing Council

      • issues recommendations on the recruitment and/or the mobility policy for permanent staff of the beneficiary institutions assigned totally or partially to the implementation of the programme
      • verifies that the recommendations of the Scientific Council are taken into account by the Steering Committee when deciding on scientific orientations and strategic investments
      • validates the choice of the members of the Steering Committee, the Executive Director and his deputy
      • validates the choice of the members of the Scientific Council
      • validates the  joining of a new platform/partner unit into the infrastructure on proposal of the Steering Committee

      The  IFB Governing Council meets at least once a year, convened by its Chairperson, at the request of one of its members or at the request of the Steering Committee. The meetings of the  IFB Governing Council may take place during the meetings of the Steering Committee of the Scientific Interest Grouping "Infrastructures in Biology, Health and Agronomy (IBISA)".

      A draft agenda is submitted by the Steering Committee to the IFB Governing Council. The quorum required for meetings of the IFB Governing Council is two thirds (2/3) of its members, either present or represented.

      Dernière mise à jour : 22 March 2021
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