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National research infrastructure

      Other partner institutions are also linked to the IFB as they are the supervisors of certain platforms that make up the IFB: 

      National Research Infrastructures

      The IFB is one of the national support infrastructures for research specialized in Biology and Health (INBS - National Infrastructure in Biology and Health). The INBSs have strong mutual interactions strengthened by the IFB being at the crossroads of various data type flows, all widespread in bioinformatics research. The major challenge in biology is to integrate data of diverse nature to gain a systemic vision of the organisms studied. The IFB is a major actor in this integration effort; it does by close collaborations with: 

      • France Génomique National Genomics Infrastructure
      • MetaboHub National Infrastructure in Metabolomics and Fluxomics
      • ProFi National Proteomics Infrastructure
      • FBI France BioImaging
      • FLI France Life Imaging
      • FRISBI National Infrastructure in structural bioinformatics
      • EMBRC-FR National Marine Living Resources Infrastructure 
      Dernière mise à jour : 22 March 2021
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