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Communication and Valorisation Unit


      The Communication and Valorisation Unit is composed of: 

      • the Executive Director and the Deputy Director of Infrastructure or other members of the Steering Committee representing them

      • those responsible for actions directly concerned (communication and valorisation, IFB-industry relations)

      • staff whose missions are mainly related to communication and promotion (communication officer, webmaster, industrial relations officer, etc.),

      • a delegate from the valorisation and transfer unit of each of the beneficiary institutions.


      The missions of the Communication and Promotion Unit include: 

      • dissemination of information concerning the IFB's activities, achievements, projects and services to different target groups (users, stakeholders, collaborating institutions, general public, political authorities, financiers, press, ...)
      • identification and engagement of new partners and user communities
      • transfer of knowledge and skills (e.g. training) to industry 
      • contractualisation of collaborations with industry, with the support of the valorisation unit of the coordinating establishment;
      • support to platforms in choosing strategies for enhancing the value of their results (software applications, licences, patents).

      The Communication and Valorisation Unit meets at least once a month, in person or by videoconference. The participation of the delegates of the Development and Transfer Unit of each of the beneficiary institutions is requested during the review and strategic choice meetings (at least once a year), and when the agenda of the meetings requires their expertise.

      Dernière mise à jour : 22 March 2021
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