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      Are you a company or an academic?

      In addition to its role as a federating body for the network of academic bioinformaticians, IFB aims to be a major player in providing services to industry in the biotech, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, agri-food and IT sectors. The aim is to facilitate collaborations between academic and industrial researchers around mutually beneficial cross-sectoral challenges, thereby increasing the use of IFB resources by industry and enabling open innovation.  As a national research infrastructure supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and as a European Life Sciences Research Infrastructure (French node of ELIXIR), IFB offers a multitude of services for companies, adapted to their needs and objectives: 

      • A distributed infrastructure network run by 36 bioinformatics platforms & teams located all over France and federated by IFB-core.
      • An extended range of bioinformatics services and resources to support research projects and foster innovation.
      • Applications for all domains of Life Sciences: BioHealth, Precision Medicine, AgriTech, AgroFood, Bioenergies, Marine Biology, Microbiology, … 

      Collaboration with Industry

      IFB is involved in several successful collaborations between companies and research institutes. IFB works with Cyclone, an Horizon 2020 Project which aims to integrate and extend open source software to create a unified cloud application management solution for application service providers, DevOps, and researchers.


      “ Our collaboration with IFB has been instrumental in accelerating our ability to build and deliver a robust multi-cloud management platform, now embodied in the Nuvla open source software. This has only been possible thanks to working with IFB’s cutting-edge researchers and rich user community ” 

      Louise Merifield,
      Operations Manager, Six Sq

      ELIXIR Innovation and SME forum

      To support industry and in particular Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), IFB via ELIXIR, promote a series of specialised events in France and across Europe. These Forums provide the opportunity to learn more about IFB and ELIXIR services and are perfect to forge strong links with SME’s. As an example: SME Forum on Data Driven Innovation in Rare Diseases and Personalised Medicine


      “For someone who wanted to understand where France is at in terms strategic government investment in genomics health and research, this event was perfect to learn more and make the right connections with the main players in that exciting sector ” 

      Abel Ureta-Vidal,
      Chief Product Officer & Founder, EagleGenomics.


      Interested in requesting IFB services for your project ? 

      Contact for industrial partnerships :

      Institut Français de Bioinformatique - UMS3601, CEA/DRF/IJ/Genoscope

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