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Industrial Advisory Committee  (IAC)


      The Industrial Advisory Committee includes representatives from industry, IFB management and user communities, as well as the co-leaders of the "IFB - Industry Relations" working group. The members of this committee have skills and experience in the various fields covered by the IFB, including health, agronomy, environment, biotechnology, etc. They also have experience in the provision of bioinformatics services and software publishing.

      The composition of the IAC is approved  by the IFB Governing Council on proposal of the IFB Steering Committee. 

      First nameNameCompanyIFB / extCountry
      Anne SophieCoquelSANOFIextFrance
      CharlesLoomisSixsq extSuisse
      PatrickDurandDurand IFB, IfremerIFBFrance
      ChristineGaspinIFB, INRAEIFBFrance
      ClaudineMédigueIFB, CNRS IFB France
      Jacquesvan HeldenIFB, AMU, CNRSIFBFrance
      YvesVandenbrouckIFB, CEAIFBFrance


      The IAC provides the IFB with advice and recommendations concerning the IFB's interactions with industry for the implementation of services and training in line with the needs of industrialists, and the development of collaborative projects.

      Frequency of meetings: Once a year.

      Dernière mise à jour : 22 March 2021
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