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    French node of ELIXIR

    The IFB is the French node of the European infrastructure for bioinformatics ELIXIR, ELIXIR-FR. As the national node, IFB-core has a close and productive partnership with the European hub of ELIXIR based in the UK. ELIXIR is an intergovernmental organisation whose mission is to develop a distributed European infrastructure, providing scientists in life sciences  with access to resources like databases, software tools, training material, cloud storage, and computing clusters.
    Life science experiments typically require a large variety of tools and generate a huge volume of data, both growing exponentially. There is thus a critical need  for data storage, together with established processes to render the data secure, findable, accessible, and interoperable. ELIXIR’s vision is the coordination of resources into a unique infrastructure enabling researchers to access and/or contribute data, share expertise, and achieve consensus on best practice.



    ELIXIR-FR’s mission is the provision of tools and expertise to enrich the service bundle to the French bioinformatic community. It ensures the sustainability of the national bioinformatic resources by its involvement in the development of a long-term storage solution and data processing and analysis tools, together with the accompanying training material.
    ELIXIR-FR ensures the seamless consolidation of the services it develops into the broader European service infrastructure. In doing so, its reach is European and the enhanced offer of services naturally benefits all of  ELIXIR’s platforms and communities.


    > Coordination of ELIXIR-FR's activities

    Head of Node : Jacques van Helden
    Deputy Head of Node :  Anne-Françoise Adam-Blondon
    Node coordinator : Angela Saenz
    Technical coordinators : Olivier Collin; Olivier Sallou 
    Training coordinators : Olivier Sand; Hélène Chiapello


    Elixir French Node Webpage
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