Major innovation axes

    Bioinformatics for Health

    In September 2018, a working group dedicated to bioinformatics for health data has been created. This working group is led by Ivan Moszer and David Salgado and includes 23 members from various IFB platforms. This working group has several objectives: 

    • Report to IFB and to our institutions about activities done in this perimeter.
    • Respond to the various solicitations received by IFB with a specific focus on health data, such as participation in meetings, workshops or projects.
    • Interact with the national sequencing programme PFMG2025 (Plan France Médecine Génomique 2025). 
    • Follow up on the various activities carried out in ELIXIR, particularly in the Human Data, Rare Diseases and Human Copy Number Variation communities.
    • Work on a white paper to get an overview of the skills and expertise available at the national level. 

    Since its creation, the group has been required to contribute to various activities such as: