IFB cloud

  • Total Compute (#CPU HT*) : 6080
  • Total Storage (#TB) : 1026
  • Total RAM (#GB) : 28540
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      What is the IFB cloud?

      The IFB cloud offers, on demand, computing resources and reference data. Users will be able to either deploy appliances (pre-configured machines) or install their own bioinformatics infrastructure. Depending on the situation, the deployed or installed machines can be accessed in different ways: web interface, command line and graphical desktop. 

      The different appliances available are listed and categorized in the RAINBio catalogue. This catalogue currently includes many models of virtual machines, providing different bioinformatics software suites in different fields: genomics (assembly, mapping, regulation, expression profiling, annotation, visualization, etc), bio-imaging, statistics - R-, etc. Also available to developers, computer utilities in the form of VMs providing for example a basic operating system, a data management system, or other basic software. 

      The IFB cloud includes 6,000 computing cores and 28 terabytes (TB) of memory. These resources are distributed between 7 sites, the IFB-core cloud and 7 clouds of IFB regional platforms and computing mesocentres (GenOuest, PRABI-LBBE, BiRD, BIstrO (BiGest ?), Bilille, CBP-PSMN), including 2 in connection with the GIS France Grilles.

      NNCR IFB Cloud

      (#CPU HT*)
      IFB CoreLyon (CC-IN2P3)393640820408


      BILILLELille192              0768
      Total federation of clouds6280104629340

      Using the IFB cloud

      The cloud Federation offers a set of pre-configured environments, allowing scientists and bioinformaticians to choose the configuration best suited to their analyses. Currently, there are 27 virtual bioinformatics environment models developed by some members of the IFB community and registered in the Biosphere catalogue. Scientists and engineers can launch their own virtual environments with dedicated resources that can be adapted to their own needs without interfering with other users. The activity is in constant progression, and the IFB French cloud has already been used for numerous scientific analyses and training sessions, workshop, hackathons or several recurrent sessions of scientific schools or universities. 

      Complete the  personal account creation request 

      An account provides variable space (from 50 GB to 2.3 TB per virtual machine for the duration of job execution but deleted when the virtual machine shuts down) to which will soon be associated a persistent and shared storage space between the virtual machines of a user or group.