WP3. Links with international networks and industry


The French node of ELIXIR.

The role of IFB as the French node of the European ELIXIR network is crucial since it defines our national positioning in the European landscape of bioinformatics, as well as the return from the 900k€ annual fee. In this context, IFB will promote scientific thematics in line with the national priorities: health, marine and microbiote metagenomics, agronomy, microbial world, ...
Moreover, most actions of WP1 and WP2 are direct counterparts to ELIXIR platforms (compute, data, tools, interoperability and training).


Partnership with industries.

IFB may play an important role in catalysing activities linking industries and bioinformatics platforms and research laboratories, to fulfill various needs: an IFB-Industry forum will promote bidirectional exchanges between bioinformaticians and industries, where industries will be informed about ongoing actions and future projects, and will be invited to express their needs and expectations. Such exchanges may foster direct collaborations around particular requests (development of code, consulting, access to IT services, services, training, ...).