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Ciona robusta Anatomy and Development Ontology

Freeware Legacy

The first ontology describing the anatomy and the development of Ciona robusta, based on the Hotta developmental table.

Cocoa Genome Hub

GPL-2.0 Mature

The Cocoa Genome Hub is an integrated web-based database providing centralized access to the cocoa reference genome sequences and genomic resources.

Coffee Genome Hub

GPL-2.0 Mature

The Coffee Genome Hub is an integrated web-based database providing centralized access to coffee community genomics, genetics and breeding data and analysis tools to facilitate basic, translational and applied research in coffee.

Génomique (DNA-seq) Bases de données et systèmes d’informations


Web-based collaborative platform for comparing phylogenies.

Super-arbres et réconciliations Gènes et génomes Evolution et phylogénie Evolution moléculaire Phylogénomique


Analyse de séquences Annotation de séquences


CECILL-2.0 Mature

CRAC is a mapping software specialized for RNA-Seq data. It detects mutations, indels, splice or fusion junctions in each single read.

Analyse de données de séquençage NGS Analyse différentielle de l’expression des gènes Analyses de transcrits et transcrits variants Transcriptomique (RNA-seq)



A CRISPR Interactive database.


Suite of web applications for analysing Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.


Cartographie génétique Annotation de séquences Recherche de motifs Bases de données et systèmes d’informations Comparaison des génomes


Unlicense Mature

Detects this family of direct repeats found in the DNA of many bacteria and archaea.

Annotation de séquences Recherche de motifs



Manually curated sequence and amino acid motif database gathering all the different phycobilin lyases and related protein sequences available in public databases.


Génomique : Puces Génomique comparative Analyse de séquences


BSD-3-Clause Emerging

DataDiscovery aims at providing researchers a simple and fast access to relevant biological data using specific keywords and easy to use filters. This tool is expected to be easily customizable for specific filters, environments, or data schemas. Its current implementations supported by URGI are: WheatIS, Plant, RARe.


Curation de collections de données



Analysis pipeline using Snakemake for RNAseq analysis in order to find differentially expressed genes.

Analyse de données de séquençage NGS Transcriptomique (RNA-seq)



The DiNAMO software implements an exhaustive algorithm to detect over-represented IUPAC motifs in a set of DNA sequences.

Analyse de séquences

Dog CNV database

Analyse de données de séquençage NGS Génomique comparative Génomes complets Analyse de variants Comparaison des génomes

Donnée de bases


DroPNet is a webserver for generating and analyzing Drosophila protein-protein interaction networks. Input data is a list of genes from an experiment such as RNAi screen.

Bioimagerie Protéomique

IFB - Institut Français de Bioinformatique ♦ CNRS UMS 3601 ♦ IFB-Core, Génoscope - 2 rue Gaston Crémieux, 91057 - ÉVRY – CEDEX ANR-11-INBS-0013236
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